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Political Unrest Causes a Drop in Confidence in the Property Market in Thailand

Due to the political problems in Thailand, the Pattaya condominium market took a real hit and decreased by 60 per cent according to a report that was released by Colliers International Thailand. Around 3,800 units were issued during the first six months which is 605 lower than the amount released during the second half of 2013, the only area that saw an increase was the Jomtien area which saw a rise of 48%.

Jomtien Beach Pattaya Political Unrest Causes a Drop in Confidence in the Property Market in Thailand
Image: flickr.com/photos/justastranger

The political unrest in Thailand has really affected the property market as well as Pattaya city but there are currently 28,200 condominium units being developed that are due for completion in 2014 as well as an additional 18,850 due for completion later on in the year in Jomtien, there is also 4,290 planned for 2015. Due to the large condominium projects that have been recently launched in Jomtien, it has caused a negative effect on the figures in other areas. However, the average figures for Pattaya were still similar to that of previous years. The take-up for the first 6 months of 2014 was around 73% which is a little higher than the six months previously. Read more »

What to Take on a Golf Holiday With the Kids

When deciding what to pack ahead of your golf holiday with your partner and kids, it’s good to remember that taking your kids on any form of holiday, regardless of its theme, will require you to do things vastly differently to how you and your partner may be used to doing things when holidaying alone.

Banyan Golf Club 450x298 What to Take on a Golf Holiday With the Kids

When taking your kids on a golf holiday, aside from the standard holidaying tips you’re going to have to consider, you’ll also have to keep in mind that your children may not enjoy playing golf as much as you do. Though you’ll do your best to encourage them otherwise, it helps to have a backup plan or two so to keep them entertained when they begin to get weary. Read more »

Have Great Fun While Playing Golf At Thailand

There is just no doubt at all that Thailand is becoming the fastest as well as growing golf destinations specifically for the visiting tourists all through the world. Just recently, association of the agents of the world golf travel have voted Thailand to be perfect coming destination for golf playing and this has enhanced the excellent reputation which already Thailand has. Now, many people must be thinking that which is the most appropriate time for playing golf, then certainly, the most appropriate time for golf starts from November and is considered to be best till February or till March. It is ‘cool’ season, even though is also a peak season for people who are visiting Thailand.

Laem Chabang Golf Course Have Great Fun While Playing Golf At Thailand
Image: flickr.com/photos/prowpatareeya

Other common question which may strike in the mind of people is that where shall they play. This also depends quite much on what you are searching for. Bangkok has great number of different courses, infrastructure which you will also expect from the key capital and city is quite lively, offering the wonderful experience for people or visitors. Read more »

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