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Ultimate Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is one of the gems in Asia known for its perfect blend of busy streets and breathtaking natural sceneries. This country is definitely a place to be for people who want to explore ancient ruins, personally discover how farming villages survive, experience Buddhism and interact with traditional monks, and visit beaches which are among the cleanest across the globe. With so many treasures to offer, it’s not a big surprise why thousands of tourists visit Thailand every year and the number is steadily increasing as more and more testify about the country’s unique beauty. If you are still skeptical, read further and discover a few of the most beautiful places that should be a part of anyone’s mini destination list while visiting Thailand.

Pai Maehongson Thailand 450x300 Ultimate Places to Visit in Thailand
Image: flickr.com/photos/hrabinavontuptup


Are you searching for a serene place to relax during your vacation in Thailand? Pai, a village located in between Chiang Mai and Me Hong Son, should be your first choice. While nearing the village, you will be greeted with wonderful valleys and a refreshing air breeze. Backpackers often take a stop at Pai to rest and prepare in further exploring the Northern Region of Thailand which is why the village currently enjoys a booming economy. Read more »

Muay Thai Training in Thailand or how to get fit and happy in a short period

Do you feel that you’ve lost your power and energy? Are you unsatisfied with your current shape? Do you feel like you can’t protect yourself or your family members from any threat? Many people will certainly have positive answers on these questions but yet the idea of spending hours in their local gym is disturbing because of the boring exercises and the whole tensed atmosphere there. But they don’t need to worry.

Malin Sweden Boxing 450x337 Muay Thai Training in Thailand or how to get fit and happy in a short period

There is a way to get into shape in a relatively short time. The solution for all your problems that we’ve mentioned before comes in the form of one of the most popular martial arts in the world – Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a combat sports and through Muay Thai training you can become fit fighter. With this training you will get a body that will scare possible attackers even before they think to start threatening you. Read more »

Things You Should Consider When You Planning A Trip To Thailand For The First Time

The first place that comes into the minds of youngsters when they think of a vacation in the summer is Thailand. And why not? With its friendly people, food, shopping, beaches and buzzing nightlife, the place can just make you overjoyed and thrilled at the same time.

Wat Makutkasat Bangkok Things You Should Consider When You Planning A Trip To Thailand For The First Time

Also, if you are a first time visitor, planning a trip to this wonderful place, you would be certainly searching on forums and websites, to understand number of things you should really consider for your long dream travel. So here are a few pointers which might help lessen your confusion. Read more »

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