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The top 10 things to see and do in Thailand

Thailand is a magical country that plays host to many unforgettable holidays. It’s wonderful culture, scenery and climate all mean that Thailand has so many different and diverse treasures to offer visitors. Here’s our top 10…

Canoe The top 10 things to see and do in Thailand

1 – Phang Nga Bay 

If breathtaking scenery is your thing, this should be high up on your list. Limestone cliffs steeply dropping into crystal water make for a postcard view wherever you look. Luxury resorts such as the Six Senses Yao Noi ensure that these sights can be enjoyed throughout your holiday. Read more »

Top Festivals Of Thailand To Enjoy Every Year

Festivals are the best way to express your country’s culture, rules, norms & regulations. When people celebrate them enthusiastically, they mean to express their deep love with their cultural norms and values. Every culture has some unique festivals, which depict their values. Thailand is a country which has wide range of superlative festivals which are celebrated enthusiastically every year. Some people come from distant countries to celebrate and enjoy their customs. I have attended some interesting festivals which are quite refreshing in my memory still and have quite long lasting impacts on me.

Ghosts Phi Ta Khon Top Festivals Of Thailand To Enjoy Every Year
Image: wilipedia.org

Phi ta khon: A colorful ghost festival!

Phi ta khon is a beautiful festival celebrated in Isan. This is called the ghost festival of Thailand; it reflects the region’s beliefs. This is the most colorful festival of Thailand which occurs every year in June and July. In this festival men dress up like ghosts and spirits. They wear colorful dresses and mask their faces. They enjoy dancing and singing. And fully rejoice the festival. Read more »

Best Places to Enjoy the Thailand Stay in February

There are thousands of places in Earth where you can simply enjoy your vacations with your friends and family. Some are cold and some are hot destinations. But if you are willing to enjoy the February’s coldness then you must visit Thailand in order to make your stay more memorable and meaningful. I decided a small trip to Thailand with my friends because I heard a lot about famous places of Thailand so we wanted to visit and enjoyed another beautiful place on Earth. Thailand is one of the countries whose tourist rate is almost 30,000. People come to enjoy the Thai dishes, the hilly view and elephant rides.

Long tail Boat in Chaophraya River 450x283 Best Places to Enjoy the Thailand Stay in February

Bangkok: A World Class Place to Visit

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and ranks number one to visit. This place is quite dreamful and serves a lot to enjoy. In fact all over the world, Bangkok is thought to be the craziest and hot city. There were some beautiful Asian Temples which we really wanted to visit and capture. Wat Phra Kaew was the most beautiful temple of the city. Its golden minarets and Buddha structure was quite inspiring. We thought to capture that golden beauty. After that we visited some of the best shopping malls of city which are thought to be the world class. Their tiny street stalls were the main attractants for us. It’s not so expensive country, prices range are affordable from low to high class. Read more »

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